What is it?

  What is ECML training consultancy for member states - training, awareness-raising or consultancy?
  What is the format of an activity?
  What is the difference between the mediation projects and training and consultancy?
  Who can be involved in these activities?
  What are the benefits for member states?
  What languages are the activities held in?
  What is the difference between the national events offered and training and consultancy activities?

Requesting an activity

  How many activities can I request?
  Do I have to request an activity?
  When should I request an activity - is there a call for requests?
  How do I request a training and consultancy activity?

Role of governing board members

  What is my role in the training and consultancy strand as Governing Board member?
  I don't have time to get involved in logistical preparations but still wish to benefit from this for
  I don't have any budget for this but still wish to benefit - how should I proceed?
  Who do I need to inform about this offer?
  Can I delegate this to a colleague?
  I would be interested in a topic that isn't on the list - what should I do?
  How do I know what other countries have requested and whether it was successful?

Implications and costs

  How much will it cost?
  What type of preparation is necessary for the organisation of an activity?
  What does the ECML pay for and what do we need to pay for?

Logistics and location

  Where are the activities held?
  Is it also possible to host activities in Graz?
  What sort of training materials will be provided - do these have to be purchased?

Format of activities

  Can we request follow-up activities or a series of events on the same theme?
  Can this be a form of consultancy tailored to my country's specific context?

Quality and evaluation

  How can we be sure of the quality of these activities?
  Is there any mechanism in place for evaluating the effectiveness/success of these activities?